Stripes just in time for Spring! Rocking this black and white striped Cos sweatshirt, Cheap Monday black skinny jeans, and a pair of badass Adidas Superstar sneakers. Can't get enough of these sneakers, literally wearing them every single day from the day when the Mr postman brought them to my house! Have an amazing holiday guys!



After a little break sharing this outfit with you guys! Baggy trousers, oversized sweaters and  a pair of some comfortable sneakers! That's the way I roll these days! Wearing H&M wool blend sweater, Vintage trousers & Adidas Superstar sneakers. What do you think about my new kicks? Or you would rather go for a pair of Stan Smith's?


We probably remember those days from our childhood when we were rocking these badass sneakers. Actually I even remember owning a pair of Adidas superstar's that were like two sizes bigger than my foot, anyway I was begging my mom to buy them for me as I wanted to look "cool" while going to school. Well hello! They are back again!