It's extremely hard for me to let go the summer, even though it's already the begging of November I still find myself dreaming about summer, sun, sand, waves, palm trees and the rest of the summerish pleasures that brings so much happiness into my heart. Well, I took these photos in the beginning of August and somehow forgot that I have them in my old canon camera which I keep back home in Lithuania (you known if you are a "capturing every moment of your life" freak like me, you probably know that having a camera everywhere you go or be is a necessity) and it actually sucks to carry your mirror camera every time you fly home, which usually happens every two months. So when I found these images 'I just had to post them on my blog.' It would be such a shame to waste pictures that brings back such great memories, am I right?



Fact is fact, but it's actually very cold outside here in Vilnius. I'm like for real guys, very cold! I always moan that London is cold, but my apologies London, you're actually very warm maybe just a little bit too wet, but anyway so what to wear when your ass is freezing outside!?!? Today I was thinking that If I would live back in Lithuania I would probably stop blogging until it's Spring again, as I have no idea how it's even possible to take off your coat outside and do a little photoshoot. I tried to walk around the city already like three times, but unfortunately they were all unsuccessful, as once I step outside my house all I can think of is where to find a warm spot for a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate. If you're much like me and can't stay indoors for a while, this problem has to be solved ASAP. Thank god for thermals, long coats, massive scarves, chunky knitwear, two pairs of socks, a hat and a pair of trainers and you are ready to ROCK! 

Wearing COS Coat/ H&M Hat/ Ray Ban Sunglasses/ Reiss Chunky Knitwear/ Cheap Monday Jeans/ New Balance Sneakers



Hello there guys! I am currently back home in Vilnius and this is the outfit that I shot like a month ago, but didn't have time to edit the images and share this post with you guys! I have less and less time to work on my blog, but I will try to do my best to update it as often as possible. I really love these images, the spot, the outfit, the setting everything is just perfect. This is probably my favourite outfit post that has ever been published up on this blog. As you have probably noticed I'm a little obsessed with navy colour and this outfit proves this fact once again! I styled this amazing smart straight cut coat with a pair of skinny jeans, roll neck tee, white leather high top sneakers and this amazing baseball inspired hat. I think it's a perfect outfit for an English Autumn! Hope you had a great Monday and let me know what you think?!

Wearing Zara Hat/ River Island Turtle Neck/ Cheap Monday Jeans/ Sandro Sneakers